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Apple's development platform offers many capabilities that programmers can utilize. These include app transfers, in-app purchases, a D-U-N-S number, and an organizational account.

You must enroll in Apple's Developer Program if you intend to publish your program in the Apple App Store. To accomplish this, you must first acquire a D-U-N-S number. This nine-digit number will be used to validate your company's legal status.

D-U-N-S is a complimentary service offered by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). It is a unique identifying number that identifies area businesses and organizations. The number consists of nine digits and is assigned permanently to a firm.

To obtain a D-U-N-S, you must own an Apple ID. This "all-in-one" account allows you to access multiple internet systems. You will be required to supply personal contact information and a photo ID during enrollment.

You can request a free D-U-N-S using the D-U-N-S lookup tool once you have an Apple ID. The agency requests your company's name, email address, physical address, and other essential business information.

A developer account is required to produce, publish, and distribute programs on Apple's App Store. There are two primary sorts of developer accounts: individual and enterprise. The former is the optimal choice for a personal app, while the latter is better suitable for businesses with multiple employees.

The company/organization account option is available to officially recognized businesses with Dun & Bradstreet numbers. This option allows you to be more than an ordinary mortal and provides a variety of advantages, including multiple user logins and various permissions.

To get the most out of your developer account, you should incorporate it into your daily routine. You can accomplish this by linking your Apple ID to your work email. Thus, you may save your business information in a single location. Additionally, you will be able to facilitate sharing your work on a range of devices by other employees.

In-app purchases are a fantastic method to engage your users. Users with a higher level of engagement with your app are more likely to recommend it to their peers. This means greater visibility on the App Store and increased installs from word-of-mouth.

Even with in-app transactions, there are other methods for increasing money. Additionally, subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. These provide customers with a collection of premium content for a limited time.

Additionally, you can construct web stores to sell in-app purchases. These can be exchanged for other lives, in-game currency, or unlocking stuff.

Apple has also simplified the configuration of in-app purchases. You can add and price multiple purchase kinds through the App Store Connect service. It also allows you to add localizations to your products so that users have a consistent experience.

To have your in-app purchases approved, you must follow the correct protocol. Setting up banking information in App Store Connect, signing a Paid Applications Agreement, and configuring review remarks and tax information is required.

You can transfer iOS apps to other Apple developer accounts without removing them from the App Store if you are an iOS app developer. This is accomplished through the App Store Connect method.

Multiple methods exist for moving an app from one developer account to another. However, you must fulfill particular prerequisites. The first step is to obtain an Apple ID. After receiving an Apple ID, you will be ready to begin the app transfer process.

Before migrating an app, you must back up all of its data. Some items will be lost during the migration procedure. For instance, keychain access will not be restored, and your app's metadata will be closed.

You must then sign in to App Store Connect. Then, click on your application and scroll down to the Additional Information area. You will then be able to view your app's metadata, including its name and team.

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