Giovanni Matteo Angeli

Giovanni Matteo Angeli

Giovanni Matteo Angeli is a highly trained and experienced financial expert who has worked in a variety of jobs across numerous industries, giving him extensive industry knowledge that he puts to good use in meeting the needs of his clients. Gino Matteo Angeli is the Director of Business Development for LASER Credit Access, a financial technology firm. This company is a Salesforce partner and an independent software seller. The company creates a number of applications for lenders that feed credit report data into Salesforce. Gino was in charge of the UX/UI design for the company's newest application, which features an automated credit attribute decisioning engine that allows underwriters to extract more value from each report while also managing the complete credit process workflow.

Gino Angeli has become a skillful, imaginative, and motivated Salesforce expert by staying on top of industry advancements. He is a Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Certified Professional who has worked to extend his company's collaborations with a variety of other companies in the sector, continually upgrading the marketing strategy by producing new applications that people may utilize.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli has pursued various entrepreneurial enterprises in addition to his enormous experience as a Salesforce designer. He has created a new social networking platform based on his skills as an application designer. He's been focusing on the gap between online group connections and real-life occurrences for the past six years. While he recognizes that the internet plays an important role in the development of relationships, he also recognizes that many people are looking for ways to bring their online interactions into the real world. Users may now publish their events on an interactive map thanks to his inventiveness. People can then use geolocation to see where those incidents occurred. This makes it easier for people to look at online relationships, discover where their online pals hang out, and continue those ties offline.

He recognizes the importance of working money for funding his technology ventures as a business professional. As a result, he began a tree removal firm to provide the working cash he required. To get it off the ground, he had to make an initial investment in a tree removal business. He was then able to build a continuous flow of money that he may utilize to pursue his passions after he spent this initial investment to obtain the necessary equipment. He enjoys spending time outside, and the tree removal service allowed him to do it more frequently. He recognizes that most individuals lack the necessary skills and experience to safely remove trees, and he is able to provide a valuable service to a large number of people in his community. The company has grown tremendously since then, and it is now profitable. This has provided him with additional funds to develop new applications and services that will benefit individuals in a variety of industries.

Even though Gino Matteo Angeli has excelled in a variety of fields, design has always been his love. Industrial design, Fine Arts, graphic design, and UX/UI advances have all piqued his attention. In addition to his Salesforce experience, he has more than 9 years of Adobe Creative Cloud experience, as well as a year of experience as a Director of Business Development for a FinTech startup. He was able to maintain a 3.76 GPA in his major while still competing for the Virginia Tech Ice Hockey Team during his collegiate years. He was also seeking for a means to connect with his classmates, so he joined the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta.

Finally, he is highly innovative when it comes to problem-solving, which is what sets him apart from others in his area. If a difficulty arises, he devises a novel solution. He worked as a freelance graphic designer, which gave him the opportunity to experiment with Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, and a variety of other software. Every day, he uses his problem-solving skills to develop new methods to use Salesforce and application design to solve the problems of his coworkers, organization, and clients. In addition, he has started and grown two distinct enterprises while juggling his other responsibilities.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli recognizes that the world is rapidly changing, and he plans to evolve with it. His abilities have been shown by his various qualifications and his ability to bring a new product to market. Despite his remarkable technical capabilities, he has demonstrated that he is not afraid to use other abilities. When he ran out of working capital, he got out from behind his desk, founded a tree-removal service, and found a means to raise the funds he needed to pursue his dream. Gino Matteo Angeli is now ready to use his exceptional problem-solving and creative abilities to the digital world. It will be fascinating to watch where his Salesforce and technical talents lead him next.

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